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Bester Accounting is an online South African accounting firm with a Chartered Accountant at the helm. Swiftly followed by trusted compatriats ready to take on any new quest the horizon may bring.

Years of professional experience and shared knowledge over countless industries just waiting to be unleashed upon the newest member of our clients. Bound by a Code of Professional Conduct, we always uphold a fierce collection of ethical values.

We are ready to take your business to the next level, are you?

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We offer an array of professional services. We aim to support small and medium sized firms with their business by leveraging technology and in combination with our financial knowledge. This is what we do, in a nutshell:

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting at its finest. Welcome to the next generation of outsourced accounting!


all your taxes

You’ve earned it. We’ll help you keep it, with accurate tax submissions and maximised deductions.

cloud secretarial

All your company secretarial needs taken care of. No more worrying about compliance.

Cloud payroll

Keep your employees happy and paid on time with our payroll experts.


We are so much more than just accountants; we are your business partner advising you along your exciting journey of running your own business.


Small business owners have put it all on the line to follow their passion and be their own boss, but in the process of becoming entrepreneurs, they’ve shouldered an incredible amount of risk – not just for themselves but also for their families and their employees.

We are passionate about numbers, people and business, and absolutely love to see small businesses grow and succeed.

We understand that running your own business can be an exciting and terrifying experience at the same time. These days you also need your business to be as mobile as possible. You therefor need expert advice on the go.

Being millennials, we love technology and how it can assist businesses in getting that edge they deserve. The cloud is the future, we can help you get on board right away.

What you deserve from your accounting partner

  • Personalised services to specifically suit you and your business;
  • Professional services and reports produced in a timely manner;
  • Responding to your communications in a timely manner;
  • Always has your business’ best interest in mind.
  • Complex financial data should be translated into understandable terminology;
  • Providing strategic insight and guidance for your business;
  • Delivering on their promise on quality and punctuality;
  • Versatility and ability to provide a wide range of accounting, tax and financial services;
  • Consistency in excellence;
  • Communication with meaningful contacts at the firm;