In the CONTACT US page, send us a quick message with the contact information of the person you are referring.

I know someone!


We will get in touch with them, and see how we can help them.

Yep, I know someone!


If all goes well, and they like the view from up here (the clouds), we will take their business to new heights and start our long prosperous business relationship.

I get it! Lets go!


Once all the nitty gritties have been sorted, we will contact you and thank you with a nice big fat reward!

Dude! Take my details already!

Hello there. We would like to play a game... A referral game

Keen on making a few easy bucks? Who isn’t? If you want to play along, just follow the steps below in “How does it work”. There is also a BONUS reward for whoever brings in the most new clients.

The referral game refers to referrals being referred to Bester Accounting by you, the referrer…

To put it simply. You have a network of friends, family and other people whom you have built up over your lifetime. Perhaps some of them could use our help in their business, or perhaps someone who want to start their own business but not sure where to begin. We would love to get in contact with them, but the problem is: we don’t know about them…

By merely introducing us with someone in your network you believe could use our help, you have participated in the referral game.

It is really that easy.

Step 1 is where you let us know of anyone you believe could use our professional services. Click here to see exactly what we do. If you don’t know of anyone off hand, ask your friends, family or colleagues. Once you have a name and contact information of a referral, click here. Add your name and e-mail address in the first 2 fields, then insert the referral information in the “message” box.

Step 2 is where we take the information you provided us with, and contact the referral. We will discuss their needs with what we can offer them, and should their needs and our services align, then we will continue with step 3.

Step 3 is where we will get the referral on board and into the clouds. Should they be interested in going fluffy, efficient and fast with our cloud services, then this is where they will become our new baby client. The will choose what package they want and we will progress to the final step.

Step 4 is where you get paid. Once all the conditions have been met, we will use your contact e-mail you gave us in step 1 to contact you. This is then where we will thank you, and start prepping the payment process.

And now for the most important part: THE REWARDS!!!

By successfully referring a new client to BA, you have helped 2 parties: The business of your referral will now be on awesome software and in the care of professionals, and BA will have a new client to take care of.

As a big THANK YOU from BA and on behalf of the new client, we reward 25% of the first monthly fee we receive from our new client. This means the reward can be up to R3 750, and that just for a name and number…? Sounds pretty good, right?

PS: Read the rules very carfully so as to avoid any misunderstandings. We want to get you paid as soon as possible, but a few things will need to happen before your bank account says “Ching”.

Just like with any game, there must be a few ground rules.

Rule #1 – Anyone can play.

Rule #2 – You can refer as many as you like, but note rule #3.

Rule #3 – Please don’t send us all your contacts and expect us to filter them ourselves. The referral must be someone who is in need of an accountant.

Rule #4 – It is your responsibility to ensure that any information provided by you must be correct (contact details, banking details, etc).

Rule #5 – You get paid, when BA gets paid. This protects BA in cases where referrals will sign up, you get rewarded, and then the referral leaves before paying their first fee. Not cool!

Rule #6 – The reward is a once-off payment, and not a monthly payment.

Rule #7 – You will not advertise anything to do with BA on any medium or social platform without our written consent. We have a reputation to keep, you know…

That’s about it.