What We Do

Cloud Accounting

This will generally include:

  • Bookkeeping services (Weekly or Monthly, and upon request Daily);
  • Reporting on performance through beautiful management accounts and sales reports;
  • Preparation of interim or annual financial statements;
  • Our amazing analysis and interpretation of your financial statements.

We Use Xero

We use a beautiful accounting software called Xero. A cloud based software that inspires simplicity and usability. We look after the books; You look at the books, and best of all from anywhere on earth (where there is an internet connection of course).

Just some of the features of the accounting software we use:

  • As it is a cloud based software, we can share access to the records to anyone in your business;
  • What you see, we can see, and vice versa;
  • Faster customer payments with online invoicing;
  • Integration with a myriad of plugin software like inventory management, e-commerce, Payroll, online billing and payments, etc.
  • Doubles up as filing of transaction documents, as you can upload and link files to every transaction posted. This will particularly be useful when preparing for auditors;
  • Automated reconciliations with the use of ‘rules’;

Strategic Guidance

We assist with strategic guidance, such as budgeting and cash flow forecasting.

Audit Assistance

Do you need to be audited? Not a problem. We assist with the entire process and provide the auditors with all the information they need in order to spend as little time as possible on the audit, thereby potentially costing you less in audit fees.

All Your Taxes

Income tax, VAT, PAYE? Whatever tax needs your business may have, we take care of it.

Tax Submissions

We prepare and file your tax returns to SARS on your behalf.

SARS Correspondence

We understand the workings of taxes, so we will determine what further action is required, if any.

Tax Audit

Should you get the dreaded letter from SARS stating that “you have been selected for a tax audit”, we will interact with SARS on your behalf. This is one of the greatest fears that most business owners have and one of the main reasons why they use accountants instead of doing the taxes themselves.

Reduce Tax Payable

Tax avoidance is legal in South Africa, but tax evasion is not. We squeeze every drop out of the approved deductions and allowances as permitted by tax legislation in order to save you money.

Keeping up to Date with Tax Laws

Being accountants who are regulated by professional bodies, we are required to continually develop and keep up to date with new tax legislation. Our experience is an added benefit.

Cloud Payroll Services

Every business has employees, and where a salary is paid, a payslip is required. This can sometimes be quite an administrative burden, which is required on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis.

We therefor free you of this admin work and ensure every employee is paid according to the agreement that exists between your business and the employee. We ensure the correct compensation items are added (such as basic, commission, allowances, reimbursements, etc), and the correct deductions are taken into account.

Furthermore, this service is performed in the cloud so you (or we) can be anywhere on the planet, and this service will not be interrupted.

Not sure what increases or bonuses you should give your employees? Or perhaps you have an amount in mind but not sure how to substantiate it. With our advisory services below, we can help.

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Cloud Secretarial Services

Any registered entity (Company, Close Corporation, etc.) needs to report and document their business details and performance with CIPC on a regular basis. Company details needs to be kept up to date, annual returns need to be filed, share registers need to be maintained, and the list goes on. Your time can be much better spent on company growth or the “bigger picture”, than on non-productive back office duties such as secretarial duties.

With our state of the art software, all your business’ secretarial duties can be sorted in no time. The cloud makes collaboration between our accountants and yourself much more efficient, and you have access to all your company registers in real time, without having to wait for someone to send it to you first.

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Advisory Services

What keeps you up at night, and how are you going to deal with it? Do you have an advisor on standby to assist in anything business? Or perhaps you have an idea, but would just like to confirm if it is feasible or not.

With access to our advisory system, we are the professionals in your back pocket. Almost like a Financial Director on standby. So feel free to whip out your phone and bounce an idea off of us to get our opinion.

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Our Reach

Best of all, being a cloud accounting firm, we can service any client, anywhere in South Africa.